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Misguided, chapter 25 “Davenport”


Catherine starts awake in the morning, a half remembered dream just barely clinging to her mind. She feels anxious and melancholy from it but can’t recall what it was about so she rolls over to see if Anika is awake, only to discover Connor lying beside her in the pale of just before sunrise. He opens his eyes at her movements and all the events of the previous night flood into her mind. Suddenly the dream isn’t a creation of her nightly imaginings anymore. A torrent of distress fills her heart and she covers her mouth as nausea threatens to overwhelm her. The moment Connor sees her face he takes her in his arms and comforts her as she succumbs to her pain, trembling and distraught.

"Ratonhnhake:ton! I killed people yesterday; I don’t even know how many… and Sergio… My God, I’ve turned into a monster!" Catherine moans into his chest, shaking her head. Connor hugs her tightly and sighs with regret as she grips his body and digs her fingers into the skin of his shoulders. He combs his fingers through the hair at the sides of her face soothingly and keeps his voice low and soft.

"You killed only because I bade it. It was not something I wanted for you but I needed your bow. I will never ask it of you again. You are not a monster, WildCat. The fever of battle can overtake anyone, especially when there is… retribution involved. Sergio’s life was forfeit from the beginning and it was more fitting for him to give it up to you than to me." Catherine weeps at the remembrance but as she thinks on his words of truth she eventually brings her tears to a halt. Her rapid breathing slowly settles into a more normal rate until she rests silently in Connor’s arms and her body begins to relax. Connor thinks she’s nodding off until she speaks quietly once more and opens her eyes, moving back from his body to look up at him.

"If you asked me - I would fight for you.”

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Japan’s annual Kanamara Matsuri festival, aka the “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”

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This is the greatest thing on Earth.